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Pure Serenity - Massage of choice, essential oils for aromatherapy, LOTS of hot steamed towels, cupping, hot stones, foot scrub, deep stretches, and a snore inducing head, neck, face, and scalp massage. We'll then transition to a deeply relaxing and immersive sound bath to conclude the session. 2 Hours and 30 minutes total.



Deep Zen - You start off being covered in hot steamed towels, then progress into a luxurious customized massage of your choice with hot stones, aromatherapy of choice, cupping, hot stones, choice of CBD oil or Tiger Balm, long deep stretches and movements to improve Range of Motion, an extra-long face/scalp massage, hot steamed towels throughout the massage, and concluding with a pass out hard drool running down your face immersive Sound Bath.

3 hours total.



Deep Muscle CBD Thai Massage - Perfect for when you're REALLY sore from recent extra physical activity. Your choice of CBD lotion or Tiger Balm for your trouble areas, Cupping, Thai Massage stretches and massage strokes in conjunction with gentle movements to improve range of motion, and more hot steamed towels than we already use to cover every major muscle group. Concluding with a snore inducing head/neck/scalp massage. 90 Minutes total.


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