About Us

     Our vision for Balanced Life Spa is to provide the best massage therapy in Anacortes at an affordable cost. We are a small, locally owned and family run business, excited to give back to the community that we all love and that gives so much back to us.


     I became a Massage Therapist in 2011 and as part of a military family have lived and worked in numerous locations, to include spas, chiropractic offices, and even owned my own Massage Therapy business in Okinawa, Japan.

     In 2013 I became a personal trainer, further enhancing my knowledge and understanding of the human body, in particular the Musculoskeletal System, and Sports Massage. I have extensive experience working with a wide spectrum of clients, from post-natal mothers looking to physically recover and get back into shape, to Marines preparing for their semi-annual Physical Fitness Test, and everything in between.

     Our family is very active, enjoying camping, hiking (I've even climbed Mt Fuji!), Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and epic hide and go seek games at Causland Park. Basically anything outdoors!

     We also grow a lot of our own food right in our yard, to include a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, and raising chickens and turkeys.

     We try our best to live a Balanced Life, through our connection with the food we grow and eat, our appreciation of nature, and a strong connection with our family and community. We are honored to have this opportunity, and look forward to serving you.


     I grew up in a military family and lived/traveled all over growing up, instilling in me a love of experiencing different cultures and the things that come with it (food, music, language, etc). I went to college in Quebec just to experience life in a different language/culture, and while serving in the Marine Corps was lucky enough to live in Okinawa for three years. 

     It was during this time that I discovered the healing benefits of massage, getting one out of desperation after spending days in pain and unable to turn my head left or right in 2011. The Massage Therapist I saw specialized in Sports Massage, and I left that session walking normally and able to turn my head! Up until that point I had always thought massages were a special treat for relaxation or pampering, but this experience had me converted. From then on massage became one of the first things I did with each injury, and the improved recovery time was night and day. I eventually started to get regular massages as a preventative maintenance, hoping to keep my muscles tuned up to prevent injuries and decrease stress BEFORE I got it, and again, the difference was night and day.

     I went to high school here in Anacortes in the mid 90s, and when I got out of the Marine Corps and had to decide where to call home it was a no brainer. Having lived literally all over the world, I don't take for granted how amazing this community is and am so grateful to call Anacortes home once again.